Fast loans, an option to consolidate your debts

We welcome you again to the blog of Baba-Yaga, a space created for you, where you can find information about the services we offer you and relevant data about the cash loans. Today we will talk about quick loans , and how they can be an option to consolidate your debts.

After the global crisis that occurred in 2008, most of the financial institutions in Mexico were affected and since then they have not yet fully recovered. As of that moment, the request for bank loans has become more complicated, since day by day they request more requirements and requirements to be a candidate for one. But the crisis not only affected the financial system, it also wreaked havoc on the general population that found itself in situations where their debts increased due to interest and they could not pay them.

The quick loans started to gain relevance

Because there were not so many obstacles to request them, the interests were lower and it did not matter if you had a negative rating on the credit bureau, and, above all, the benefits were greater.

Currently, they are still the most requested option to obtain a loan, whether it is required for an emergency, such as covering medical or funeral expenses, to go on vacation or to cover the cost of school supplies and tuition for returning to school, that can be obtained, in some cases, up to 250,000 pesos in less than 48 hours.

As we mentioned at the beginning, there are still remnants of the crisis, so a lot of people still carry debts that only pay interest, or for different reasons can only cover the minimum payments required by banks, which makes your debts take years to be covered in full; and most of the time the banking institutions do not allow them to restructure the credit or consolidate several debts of different banks into one, which would allow to reduce interest payments and settle debts more quickly.

For these cases, fast loans have become an option to consolidate debts, especially, as we mentioned, if these debts are distributed in different institutions. This way you no longer have to pay two or more debts, each one with your interest rate that could even mean the payment of double the original debt, but you only pay one, the loan acquired with a specialized company such as it is Baba-Yaga.

But before applying for a loan to consolidate your debts, you should consider some aspects and make adjustments to your finances, in this way you will be able to make the most of the capital that you acquire and avoid that it could turn into another, even greater debt.

First, you must stop increasing your debt. For example, if your original debt consists of one or two credit cards, once you settle them with the loan, do not use them again until you liquidate the total of your debts, and preferably only keep one of the cards to use only in cases emergency and cancel the rest so you do not have to pay the annuities.

Have a detailed balance of your finances, record each expense and each income. Classify your expenses biweekly or monthly in groups, the basic expenses (food, water, electricity, rent, etc.) are essential, but most of the time a large part of your income is used in small purchases that are expendable and could well stop do, in this way your income will last longer.

Make a budget taking into account that you must divide your expenses in two, one part for your basic expenses and another part to cover the payments of your loan. Avoid completely getting out of the budget, unless absolutely necessary. To avoid spending more you can follow some tips, such as only use cash, go to the supermarket with the exact amount of your purchases and avoid taking credit or debit cards; eliminate unnecessary expenses, such as gym memberships or clubs that you do not use; avoid using taxis or services like Uber and opt for public transportation or walking; among others.

And in case you do not spend money at the end of the month, save it

If you keep a certain amount of money saved, in case of an emergency you will not need to use your credit card again, you can also use it to advance your loan payments and settle the debt faster.

Once these aspects are considered and you have applied them to your finances, it is time to find the right company. To choose it, keep in mind that it must be a place with experience and seriousness, since there are many that are dedicated to defrauding people or change without notice their clauses or increase interest, and your debt can grow back. Therefore, the best option you will find in Baba-Yaga, where we care about you and offer you loans on your car, an option with the best benefits, lending up to 60% of your value, without being retained, only he places a GPS locator and we ask for a copy of the keys. You only need to have a national car that is not more than ten years old and that is in your name,

We handle a low interest rate and different quick loan plans that will adapt to your needs

You do not need a guarantee and a good credit history. In less than 24 hours your loan will be released. And if you can not visit our offices, make your appointment on our website or by phone and we will send one of our executives to your home to start the process.

Contact us for more information, here you will find the solution to those unforeseen events, you can finally go on a family vacation or consolidate your debts in a single loan, with the help of a serious, professional company that provides its clients with security they need at the time of acquiring a loan on their car.